Mobile Battery Service Welshpool


So you have a very flat battery and the motor vehicle or boat won’t start! We have all already been with this position at some stage of our driving career.

You will want an instant fix – a company who can come to you right away to get you mobile once again.

It’s time for you to contact Battery Wizards along with their motto – ‘we’ll come to you’.

That’s right. Established since 1992, Battery Wizards has developed into the most reliable and trusted Mobile Battery Fitting Service in Welshpool.

They have got six vans servicing the metropolitan area, and with the head office in Welshpool, they can swiftly service your requirements.

Just one telephone call, and will have them on site, whether it be at home, work or even shopping centre car park or in the case of a boat – the local marina.

Centrally based in Welshpool, Battery Wizards are usually generally in most places quickly – reducing your waiting time.

All the specially designed support vehicles carry a complete range of batteries for vehicles, trucks and boats.

Their pricing is very competitive, and they can offer to you the standard range of regular batteries, or even the new technology MF Maintenance Free Range, that have more power, last longer and have an extended warranty and what’s even better, because they are sealed units there is no need to check on them.

The drivers accept all forms of payment, including Cheque, Cash or Credit Card. AND, we can also extend even further the warranty period of your battery. For the small fee, imagine your battery with a Four to five year warranty. Ask the installers for details.

Call Battery Wizards Now on 1300 138 808